What items can be put in the recycling bin?

Paper Products-newspaper, envelopes, junk mail, phone books, brochures, magazines

Cardboard-ream wrappers, file folders, poster board. frozen food boxes, cereal boxes, cardboard boxes, milk cartons

Plastic Containers-All household plastic containers marked with the recycling symbol 1-7(water bottles, take out, milk containers, soda bottles, soap containers, etc.)

Metal Containers-Aluminum containers, steel cans, tin cans, (beer cans, soda cans, food cans, scrap metal)

What items cannot be put in the recycling bin?

Aerosol cans, Aluminum foil, batteries, clothing, food waste, glass, mirrors, ceramic, plastic bags, shredded paper, stickers, address labels, Styrofoam, tissue, paper towels, napkins, PVC Pipe, bags previously containing pesticides, litter or fertilizer, no liquids, NO HAZARDOUS WASTE, scrap metal, k-pods or any kind of yard waste or building material.
Glass can be recycled at the  Purple Ripple Glass Bins located at the Price Chopper, 251 SW Greenwich Dr., Lee's Summit, MO  64082.


Residents have year-round access to the safe disposal of unwanted products such as paint, lawn and garden chemicals, automotive fluids, batteries, florescent bulbs and house cleaners.

Residents can access the permanent facilities in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City and also can attend any of the mobile events scheduled April through October, at no charge.

For more information please visit and click on the “HHW” tab, or call 816-701-8226.

 HHW mobile events.


Electronic equipment can also be recycled.  Scheduled events are usually found on the RecycleSpot website or your local paper will publish special electronic recycling events.   Attached is some information from  Surplus Exchange and what items are accepted.

Link to additional recycling information is not an endorsement by the City of Greenwood.  It is for informational purposes only.  The City of Greenwood has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on its website.  Should you find an error, please let us know by emailing

Additional information on recycling

"Every day, we use all sorts of things made of different materials, like plastic, that can harm the earth if they are not properly disposed of. Many things like metal and even glass do not naturally degrade or break down over time. Instead they can sit in a landfill or forest for many years, causing serious harm to the environment. A good way to help make sure you are living in a cleaner, greener world is to recycle the things you can, so they can be re-used again and remain out of the water, ground, and even out of the local dump. By properly recycling different items, like appliances, soda cans, water bottles, and old computers, you can help make sure that the air and water stay cleaner and that animal and plant life will survive and thrive. The more you learn about recycling, the more you'll appreciate how it can help to ensure that our earth is clean for many generations to come."
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