Liquor License
A City of Greenwood Liquor License is required for any business selling alcohol within the city limits by the drink or original package.  A State of Missouri Liquor License and Jackson County Liquor License is required to obtain the city liquor license.

To obtain a Greenwood liquor license fill out the  Liquor License Application and submit to the City Clerk's office.  The application is required to be notarized.  Upon receipt of the application the police department will perform a background check and fingerprint of the applicant. After approval from the police chief you will receive a letter of approval to submit to the State of Missouri for your state liquor license.  After the state license is approved and a copy received the city liquor license will be issued.  The license year runs from July 1 to June 30th each year.  Licenses will be prorated if approved after July 1st.
Liquor License Applicant Requirements

Individual License Holders

 No license shall be issued to any individual except in conformity with the following:

1.    Such individual is to be in fact actively engaged in the actual control and management of the particular alcoholic beverage or C.O.L. establishment for which a license is sought.

2.    Such individual is twenty-one (21) years of age or over.

3.    Such person is of good moral character, is qualified to hold an alcoholic beverage license in the State of Missouri, and that such person has never been the holder of an alcoholic beverage license or permit which has been revoked by any City or any State. 

Corporation License Holders

 No license provided for in this Chapter shall be issued to any corporation except in conformity with the following:

 1.    All the officers and directors of such corporations are persons of good moral character.

 2.    The managing officer of the corporation is a person who is eligible for a license as an individual under the provisions of this Chapter.

 3.    Such corporation has not been the holder of a license or permit which has been revoked by any City or State.


Individuals employed by liquor license holders must have a liquor permit to sell alcohol on the premises.

Each applicant must fill out an  Employee Liquor Permit Application and must be fingerprinted by the police department.  A $5.00 application fee is required.  The permit is valid for 2 years.

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