Business License

A City of Greenwood business license is required for all businesses operating in the city limits of Greenwood.  The business license is renewed annually.  The license expires on March 31st each year.  The annual fee is $50.00.

City Code Section 605.025
No license shall be issued, renewed or reinstated for any business, occupation, profession, trade or avocation whose lands, premises, buildings or structures in which they operate or maintain stores of goods, supplies or equipment are not in conformance with all applicable zoning and building code requirements.  No license shall be issued, renewed or reinstated for any occupation, profession, trade, business or avocation not possessing any and all licenses, certifications, permits or other applicable authorization required by Federal, State or County laws or regulations.

To obtain a business license:
Fill out the business license application.
The following documents will need to be submitted with the application:

1.     MO Tax ID number and/or proof you business has been registered with the State of Missouri.

2.     Certificate of "No Tax Due" for any retail business.  (This is a requirement of the State of Missouri-we are not allowed to issue any license without this document if you are a retail sales business.)

3.     Restaurants are required to provide a copy of the health department inspection approval.

4.     ALL ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING AND MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF A MASTERS LICENSE. A license cannot be issued unless supporting documentation for the appropriate classification of contractor’s license is on file in the City Clerk’s Office.

5.     Contractors in the construction industry need to provide a Certificate of Insurance for Workers' Compensation.

287.061 RSMo. (1) any city which issues an occupational or business license for a contractor in the construction industry shall require a certificate of insurance for workers' compensation coverage or an affidavit signed by the applicant attesting that the contractor is exempt (2) any applicant who fails to comply with the provisions of subsection 1 of this section shall be denied such a license until he furnishes a certificate of insurance, (3) it is unlawful, pursuant to section 287.128, for any contractor to provide fraudulent information pursuant to this section, and (4) nothing in §287.061 shall be construed to create or constitute a liability to or a cause of action against a city or county in regard to the issuance of any license.

A Peddler/Solicitor going door to door in the City of Greenwood is required to have a Peddler/Solicitor Permit plus a business license.

Businesses outside the city such as: construction companies, roofing companies, electricians, plumbers, concrete companies, fencing companies, etc. are also required to have a business license to operate in the city of Greenwood.   Before you contract with a business to make repairs to your home, make sure they have all the licenses required to operate a business. Building permits are also required for the following: single family residence, commercial construction, remodeling, decks and porches, swimming pools and spas, fences, roof replacements, outbuildings over 144 square feet,

Customary home occupations are also required to obtain a business license.  Such uses are located in the dwelling used by that person as his/her private residence; that the residential appearance of the dwelling shall not be changed by alterations or additions for business or commercial uses; and that adequate off-street parking be provided either in side yards or rear yards behind the front building line if such accessory use attracts more vehicles than can be parallel parked conveniently on the street directly in front of the dwelling. Not more than one assistant, other than a member of the immediate family is employed; no window display or sign, either illuminated or more than two square feet in area is used to advertise the same.  No power or equipment be used that would cause objections or be offensive by reason of vibrations, noise or emission of odor, dust, smoke or gas when measured at the property lines.

No retail business is allowed in a residential zoning district.  Types of home businesses might be: professional office for architects, engineers, planners, lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, sales representatives, home offices for businesses that provide goods or services at locations other than the premises, internet business that sell goods online, but no exchange of goods or physical transactions are made on the premises, lawn services, and landscapers. 

Business occupations that are exempt from city business licensing per State Statute include: minister, duly accredited Christian Science practitioner, teacher, professor in a college, priest, lawyer, certified public accountant, dentist, chiropractor, optometrist, chiropodist, physician or surgeon. 
The following professions are exempt unless that person maintains a business office within that municipality:  insurance agent or broker, veterinarian, architect, professional engineer, land surveyor, auctioneer, or real estate broker or salesman.

Contact the City Clerk’s office for questions on business licensing, 816.537.6969 ext. 101 or email  


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