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Present day Greenwood, Missouri is a quaint yet vibrant community with a population of around 5,200. Geographically it is located approximately 20 miles to the South and East of Kansas City, Missouri in Jackson County.

Over 140 years ago the name Greenwood was filed for court record June 25, 1867, by R.W. Price, Frank Brooks, Alfred Hanscomb and the Rev. S.B. Clark. An earlier business district has been located about 1/2 mile northwest of the present school, but this was abandoned for the current site when the railroad came through after the Civil War.

It is said that the name Greenwood was selected by Clark because of the beautiful elm trees in the area. Today there are still many elm trees dotting the landscape of this history rich area.

Below is a historical perspective of Greenwood, Missouri documenting the town's progress and major events over the last almost century and a half.

  • 1867 Greenwood, Missouri is founded
  • 1870 Lincoln College is founded
  • 1870 First mercantile store is erected by W.S. Wise
  • 1900 Greenwood has two train depots that average 100 trains every 24 hours
  • 1910 Greenwood grammar and high school is built
  • 1927 M-150 highway is paved by Harry Truman's authorization
  • 1939 Greenwood High School hosts first basketball game
  • 1940 Greenwood viaduct is completed over the Rock Island Railroad tracks
  • 1947 Greenwood's first major train collision.  Two train cars, one from the Missouri Pacific Railroad and the other from the Rock Island Railroad collided and spilled many gallons of wine.
  • 1950 Greenwood High School graduated its final senior class
  • 1957 Greenwood incorporates as a village
  • 1958 Greenwood's largest employer, Mr. LongArm is formed
  • 1960 Greenwood's population is 488
  • 1963 Greenwood incorporates as a 4th class city
  • 1970 Greenwood's population is 970
  • 1973 A major explosion occurred in the rock quarry south of Greenwood.  Homes and businesses throughout Greenwood sustained damage.
  • 1975 Flashing signal light were placed at the Ranson Road Railroad crossing.  Funds for this project were made available through a project grant from the Federal Highway Act of 1973.
  • 1976 Greenwood's first major sewer system installation was completed.  The $1.1 million dollar project allowed Greenwood residents to have a more efficient sewage disposal.
  • 1978 Greenwood's first earth home was constructed
  • 1979 Voters approve a 1 cent sales tax increase
  • 1980 Greenwood's population is 1322
  • 1980 Greenwood Historical Society is formed
  • 1982 Greenwood awarded its first Cable TV franchise contract to TCI Cable
  • 1982 The Greenwood Emergency Medical Services provides ambulance service to all Greenwood residents
  • 1983 Greenwood accepts from the local rock quarry an offer to pave the entire length of 2nd Avenue South
  • 1984 The Greenwood Lions Club hosts Greenwood's first community celebration day
  • 1988 Voters approve an agreement to provide fire and ambulance service from the City of Lee's Summit 
  • 1987 Greenwood City Hall is dedicated
  • 1988 Land at the corner of Allendale Lake Rd and Chestnut is donated to the city.  This property is developed as a baseball practice field. 
  • 1990 Greenwood's population is 1505
  • 2000 Greenwood's population is 3952
  • 2001 Freedom Park is built; the first and only city park north of M-150 Highway
  • 2003 Construction begins on the newest addition to Greenwood Elementary School
  • 2004 Greenwood's new city limit sign was erected at the corner of Doc Henry Road and M-150 Highway

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Greenwood history written by Effie Ervin (1970)
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