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A reminder to residents, allowing grass clippings, leaves, and other objectionable substances to be blown into the street and left there is a violation of City Ordinance Section 215.020.  These items also enter the storm drainage system and creates blockages.  Please help keep our city and streets clean.

Garage sales and other activities, pole mounted signs are prohibited in the city per City Ordinance Section 430.060.  Signs placed in the ground are allowed.  Please remove your garage sale signs promptly after your sale in ended to help keep our streets looking clean.

Public Works Department is responsible for the following:

  • Annual street overlay program
  • Street repair and maintenance 
  • Curb repairs and replacement
  • Sewer mains repair and maintenance
  • Storm water collection system
  • Sewer main locates per Missouri Call One requests
  • Traffic signage and maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Maintain City owned property

Residents are responsible for the following:

  • Sewer service lines from house to and including the connection to the City mains
  • Residential sidewalk repair and maintenance on their property
  • Maintain the easements and rights-of-way within property boundaries
  • Keep litter, leaves, and grass clippings out of streets and curb inlets
  • Do not deposit snow from your driveway into streets

Water Supply System 

Water Supply System is provided and maintained by Jackson County Public Water Supply District Number 12, 304 N. Ranson Road, Greenwood, MO 64034 Phone Number 816-537-6856
Protect your water pipes from freezing.

Snow Removal

Snow removal operations shall follow the list of priorities:

  1. Primaries - Thoroughfares and Main Collectors are roadways considered to be the highest priority because of their volume of traffic and function of traffic flow within the City.
  2. Residential - All streets not classified as a thoroughfare or main collector. These are a lesser priority due to the reduced volume of traffic and function of traffic flow within the City.
  3. Cul-de-sacs - Are the lowest priority due to the relatively low volume of traffic and function in traffic flow within the City. However, the City recognizes that it can be difficult to get in and out when needed, and will attempt to address cul-de-sacs as soon as possible.

If snow continues to fall, operations shall be conducted to keep the primary streets as safe as possible. Once snow stops, the plow and spreader shall be used in such a manner so that the operator does not have to return to the same street as much as possible.

Public Works will replace mailboxes, fences, etc. that are damaged, broken, or knocked down only if there was a direct hit by a City plow or vehicle and not as a result of snow being pushed to the side by the plow.

A certain amount of snow will be deposited into driveways abutting curb lines. Public Works will not remove snow from driveway entrances regardless of whether it has been cleared of snow before the city vehicles arrive or how many times streets are cleared.

Citizens are encouraged to deposit the snow that they remove from their drive on the right side (if you are looking toward the street) and in the yard if possible so that the plow does not push the same snow back into the drive. If you remove snow from the curb area left of your drive (if you are looking toward the street) it will give an area for the pushed snow to go before it hits your driveway.

Park vehicles off of the street and don’t allow your vehicles to hang into the road from the driveway. Cars in the roadway hinder the performance of the snow removal operations.

Storm Water Drainage

Storm water drainage system is designed to collect water from storm water runoff (rain and snow melt) and discharge it into area waters. Storm Water Pollution is everything that flows down the street and enters the storm water drainage system without being cleaned at treatment plants. 

The Public Works Department is involved in the inspection and maintenance of our storm water systems including detention ponds, stream buffers, erosion and sediment controls, and all other elements of the storm water conveyance system. Maintenance and repair activities include repairing and installing storm sewers, cleaning out storm inlets, lid replacement, and inspections.

Unlike wastewater, which is treated at a treatment plant, storm water goes directly from the storm sewer system into local creeks and rivers. Anything on sidewalks, streets, parking lots, such as trash, motor oil, pet waste, or excess pesticides and fertilizers, is carried away by rain runoff and ends up in storm drains. We encourage you to keep litter, pet waste, leaves, and grass clippings out of streets and curb inlets.

Yard waste and storm water pollution being thrown, left, or deposited on park property or storm drainage waterways constitute a City nuisance violation and is also a violation of the Department of Natural Resources Water Quality Standards General Criteria 10 CSR 20-7.031(3)(H) regulations which prohibit placing materials (yard waste, ashes, demolition materials, solid waste, etc) either in a stream or lake or in a location where they could reasonably be expected to be transported into a stream or lake (gully, ravine, swale.).

Tree Trimming

Any trees located on private property or within the ROW shall be maintained by the property owner. For safety reasons of the driving or pedestrian public, any limbs or low hanging branches must be trimmed to eliminate such hazard or safety concern.

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